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Arwy8877's Multi-Coin AutoFaucet

Rates updated weekly or on major fluctuations.

We use no miners here. Please allow the ads for advertising revenue.

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**Payrate increased & More shortlinks added.**

Friday 24th of March 2023 09:52 AM

This section is only a brief guide to the rules that apply to this Faucet. For more details, please refer to the Privacy and ToS page.

By continuing the use of this Faucet and website, you are indicating your Acceptance of these Rules. Breaking them will eventually have you banned from this Faucet Site.

IP addresses are checked almost daily - do NOT use a Proxy, VPN, or TOR node and the same goes for duplicate accounts, bot behaviour, shortlink scamming, adblocking, script blocking, or any other behaviour construed as malicious to this site will end up getting banned. Please do not take the risk. Any and all decisions are final.

-Adblockers/Script blockers MUST be disabled or the domain 'arwy8877.com' whitelisted. Automation software/Bypass/Other Circumvention Software or Scripts MUST NOT be used.

-Proxies/IP alteration software and scripts are FORBIDDEN! IP addresses and UserIds are recorded and monitored for such activity.

-Users of the Brave Browser (or similar equivalent) are allowed to use this site. However; only on the condition that ANY AND ALL browser shields are completely DISABLED for the 'arwy8877.com' domain. We do store and monitor the users of such browsers.

-At any time you are starting this AutoFaucet, you may be required to complete a shortlink. After successful completion, you will be awarded with a set period of available claiming time. Multiple coins will reduce the claim timing accordingly.

-Users of mobile type devices will likely find they can only claim a single coin. A possible solution (not guaranteed) is to request the 'Desktop Version' of the site.

-The page MUST remain open for you to claim coins!

-User Stats are reset at some point each day.

-REFERRERS - PLEASE NOTE: If you are inactive here for 7 days or more then you will lose your Referrals! We refuse to pay users who do not return to this site once they have acquired their referral link!

-Referral cheating is strictly prohibited.

More updates on the way!

If any issues arise, please let me know.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Time Extention Options coming soon.

Weekend Bonuses have been discontinued until further notice.

Current Weekly Claim Rate: 0.000002

Important Rules:

Any break of rules will cause a system wide ban.
Referrals who are not active here won't receive rates
Don't create duplicate accounts
Don't use Proxies or VPNs
Allow the advertising - no revenue = no payments!

100% Free* - "Advertising Funded!"
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Arwy8877's Multi-Coin AutoFaucet are a merged group of Automatic Cryptocurrency Faucets for a variety of cryptos with the possibility of more and/or less in the future.

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